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Janet Baker - Sings scenes from Handel: Julius Caesar

Sings scenes from Handel: Julius Caesar (Giulio Cesare in Egitto) (sung in English)
Janet Baker - mezzosoprano
English National Opera Orchestra & Chorus
Sir Charles Mckerras - conducción
Chandos, 2002


1. Act I, Scene 1: Caesar! Caesar! Egypt Acclaims Thee
2. Act I, Scene 1: Kneel in Tribute, Fair Land of Egypt
3. Act I, Scene 1: Curio, Caesar Has Come
4. Act I, Scene 1: Tyrant, Avoid My Sight
5. Act I, Scene 3: Spirit of Mighty Pompey
6. Act I, Scene 4: Caesar! a Generous Destiny
7. Act I, Scene 4: How Silently, How Slyly
8. Act II, Scene 1: Have You Done As I. Ordered, Faithful Nirenus?
9. Act II, Scene 1: Lamenting, Complaining of Caesar's Disdaining
10. Act II, Scene 1: Fly Then, Fly, O My Heart
11. Act II, Scene 1: Fleet O'er Flowery Meadow Gliding
12. Act II, Scene 3: Ah Gods! What Do I. See?
13. Act II, Scene 3: In Anger and Fury I'll Turn On the Foe
14. Act II, Scene 3: They Will Kill Him
15. Act III, Scene 1: Symphony
16. Act III, Scene 1: From the Perils of the Ocean
17. Act III, Scene 1: Zephyrs! Zephyrs! Come to Mine Aid!
18. Act III, Scene 1: Nirenus, the Battle Is Fought and Lost
19. Act III, Scene 1: See in Spate the High Cataract Storming
20. Act III, Scene 3: Symphony
21. Act III, Scene 3: Here, Curio and Your Legions
22. Act III, Scene 3: Dearest! Fairest!
23. Act III, Scene 3: Long, Long May Egypt Continue
24. Act III, Scene 3: Proclaim We All Great Caesar's Glory
25. Act III, Scene 3: A Vow I. Give You

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