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Eva Urbanová & Guests - Famous Czech Opera Duets

Famous Czech Opera Duets
Eva Urbanová - soprano
European Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra Frantisek Preisler, Jr. - conducción
Supraphon, 2004


1. Libuse, Act III, Scene V - Behold! Now from the misty veils just formed...
2. The Bartered Bride, Act II, Scene IV - Now then, my dear man...
3. The Bartered Bride, Act I, Scene II - Faitful love cannot be marred...
4. The Bartered Bride, Act III, Scene III - We shall make a fraceful little bear of you...
5. Dalibor, Act II, Scene change II - Dalibor, I beg your pardon
6. The Jacobin, Act II, Scene V - We have wandered in foreign lands...
7. Rusalka, Act III - Do you still know me, lover?
8. Sarka, Act II - Woe! Help me!
9. Jenufa, Act II, Scene IV - But what now? Who will save my child?

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