jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Catherine Bott - Mad Songs: Purcell, Eccles, Blow

Mad Songs: Purcell, Eccles, Blow
Catherine Bott - soprano
Decca, 1992


1. Mad Bess Of Bedlam (''From Silent Shades'')
2. Must Then A Faithful Lover Go?
3. Reason, What Art Thou?
4. Take Him Gently From The Pile
5. Mad Maudlin
6. Don Quixote - From Rosy Bowers
7. Let All Be Gay
8. Restless In Thought
9. I Burn, My Brain Consumes To Ashes
10. While I With Wounding Grief Did Look
11. A Fool's Preferment, Or The Three Dukes Of Dunstable, Z.571 - I'll Sail Upon The Dog-Star
12. Morpheus, Thou Gentle God
13. Love's But The Frailty Of The Mind
14. Tom Of Bedlam
15. Don Quixote - Let The Dreadful Engines
16. Cease Of Cupid To Complain
17. Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move
18. Lysander I Pursue In Vain


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